10 Most Common Home Building Problems

Building a house to call their home is a dream of every American family across the nation. Not having to pay monthly rent that goes down the drain at the end of the contract or lease term is a great relief to the entire family’s budget. Thinking about how much is lost every month on something that cannot be acquired or owned at the end of the line surely drives families to think and dream about having their own home.

Surely, when the opportunity to build your own home knocks on your (apartment) door, you let it in and do everything to make it happen. However, due to a lot and various reasons, the road to its completion will not be very smooth. Problems will inevitably happen if you do not know what you are doing. Southern California home builders can attest to a great number of such situations throughout the years. So if you are on this road to building your own home and are planning to get one of the many custom home building contractors or custom home builders, then do read the top 10 most common problems of building a home.

  1. Home owner is unwilling to confront the custom home building contractors with a justified complaint.This is what usually happens to people who have no guts to confront their custom home builders for fear that the contractor will slow down the construction pace and delay their occupancy date.
  2. Home owner is intimidated by the contractor. A lot of Southern California home builders say that some contractors intimidate the homeowner when confronted with complaints. For example, when the owner points out a defect, the contractor is quick to defend that it is not a defect and ignores the owner’s concern.
  3. Completion date is unrealistic. When you call one of the custom home building contractors and set a date for completion, do make sure that it is realistic to avoid having to file complaints.
  4. Incomplete project specifications. Southern California home builders strongly suggest you to have complete project specifications to have full control of your home design and construction.
  5. Change orders during construction. You have to put change orders to a minimum in order to not incur additional charges. Make sure this is clear with your Southern California home builders or custom home building contractors.
  6. ‘Allowance item’s during construction. This is very common according to the Southern California home builders and other custom home building contractors. This usually happens when the contractor does not know for sure the exact amount of a particular material and then decides to just put an amount there that may be too high for the actual price. In his desire to have it cover for all unanticipated expenses, you are the one shouldering a very high price for something that could have been prevented.
  7. Builder’s contracts are builder-favored. Do you think this is okay to begin with? If you are a home owner getting the services of the Southern California home builders or of any of the custom home building contractors, you need to make sure about the things being stipulated in your construction contract. You just cannot sign anything without having it checked by the right person. You might think that the contractor will not be cheating you of anything but here is a reality check—it happens almost all the time! It is not enough to get a lawyer to check it because he certainly does not understand everything in the contract, especially the terminologies your contractor uses to fool you. You need to get another contractor that you know personally who can help you understand fully the contract before signing it.
  8. Builders relying on their subcontractors to establish the norm for quality. What actually happens here is that the subcontractor hired by one of the custom home building contractors is asked to check and inspect the progress and completeness of the job. When this subcontractor does not do his job or tries to keep to himself the errors in the construction, you will suffer in the long run because you will have to pay another contractor like the Southern California home builders to help you fix these construction mistakes.
  9. Homeowner and builder fail to do a site visit prior to the start of the construction. The most basic thing to do when having a construction with any of the custom home building contractors is to do a site visit to analyze the environment, slope of the lot, potential obstacles and others. When this is skipped and some problems arise during the construction, then you will have to shoulder the extra costs of having the Southern California home builders check this.
  10. Homeowners rely entirely on the custom home building contractors for guidance on the construction. Though homeowners understandably have only a little knowledge of construction, they should not rely solely on the Southern California home builders for the design and specifications because that is going to be your home to begin with. You want to live in a place that you like and love. After all, it is a lifelong investment.

Southern California home builders and other custom home building contractors know their job well. But the construction of your home is not just their concern but yours as well. Therefore, choose Southern California home builders or custom home building contractors you can trust.

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