Modular homes in Southern California are selling like hotcakes. It seems to be on everyone’s lips and many are buying it, but before you jump on the bandwagon you must do your research first. Here’s an article that you might find useful: Modular homes in Southern California.

If you have a list of modular home builders in Southern California, then fire away. Ask the right questions to get what you want and truly need in a home that you’ll be living in for the rest of your life. You’ll be keeping this home for very a long time, watch time pass by and your children grow, so you want to make sure this home is a real keeper.

Vital Questions To Ask When Looking for Modular Home Builders in Southern California

You can ask these questions to modular home builders in Southern California. Possible answers are also provided, to tell if your preferred modular home builders in Southern California really know what they’re doing and can provide the assurance you need in building your dream home. This can also help you know if you’re in really good hands.

Question #1 “Can modular homes withstand strong winds?”

The answer is YES! We all know that California is usually plagued by strong storms. There’s no need to worry since modular homes are built to withstand strong winds up to 175 mph. In addition, modular homes are built to the highest standards and comply with local building codes. On added note, make sure that they really do comply with building codes in your area.

Question #2 “Do modular homes come in a single design?”

NO! You can choose different designs. If your modular contractor says, they can only do a single design then this is a sign that you should look elsewhere. Keep in mind, there’s no design limitation for modular homes. With modular homes in Southern California, you can create your dream home – just let your modular home builders know.

Question #3 “What are the requirements to order a modular home?”

This is very important to avoid further delays in the future. As a buyer, you must acquire a building permit. But before you can apply, you can discuss with modular home builders in Southern California about the blueprints. You need to know how much time is needed by your contractor to deliver finished blueprints. Do take note, most modular home contractors would require a deposit before they start working on your requested blueprint. Furthermore, contractors usually help in filling out the paperwork for your building permit. So make sure you both agree on this.

Question #4 “What types of foundations are needed for modular homes?”

Basically, homeowners can choose any foundation they prefer. The most common are crawlspace, piers, and basement. If you want your home to be a bit more elevated, you can opt for a raised slab foundation.

Question #5 “Will there be warranties?”

Modular homes in Southern California should come with warranties. The state would usually require a mandatory warranty from the factory for a year. Then there should also be separate warranties from window and appliances manufacturer.

Question #6 “Will there be other costs?”

Modular homes construction doesn’t include other costs for local work on the electrical, foundation, heating hook up, foundation, and boiler. Aside from local work, the buyer should also have a budget ready for excavation, sewer, and water and septic system. This scope of work is not handled by modular home builders. However, they can be of assistance and provide you with an estimate. Most of them can also provide referrals for other contractors that can handle local work.

Question #7 “Will there be a garage?”

Modular homes have garages. You can just ask your modular home builders in Southern California for specifics. You can opt for an attached garage or a detached one.

Question #8 “Can I have my modular home financed?”

YES! Most modular homes qualify for mortgage programs. Similar regulations and mortgage rules apply as to a site built home. If you have a preferred bank then you can opt for that. If you have no idea, then ask your modular home builders in Southern California to assist you in finding the best financing program that best suit your needs.
With these know-how, you can now have your dream home. Aspen Custom Millworks is your trusted modular home builder in Southern California. Providing quality homes for 20 years – built for accessible living and designed for future conveniences.