Now You Can Own A Modular Home in Southern California Without Wiping Out Your Life Savings

Most people in America dream of having a house they can call their own. The fact that in August 2014, single-family home sales increased by 18 percent is proof that an increasing number of people are seeking to own a house. And why not? You no longer have to pay monthly rent and every investment you make in your own home will benefit you directly. With your own home, you also get to choose a design according to your tastes and amenities that fit your lifestyle. However, the cost of owning a house is still one of the biggest drawbacks, as well as the length of time it takes to finish constructing a new home.

But these major drawbacks are slowly being addressed by emerging home construction technologies. The growing popularity of modular homes in Southern California is proof that owning a well-designed, custom home can be still be affordable.

What Are Modular Homes?

Modular homes are growing in popularity by the day in Southern California. Unlike manufactured houses (that are also known as mobile houses), modular homes are created off-site or in another location and are then transported to the lot or spot where they will be assembled and erected. As such, these homes are considered permanent structures and are categorized as real property. Other terms associated with the modular homes in Southern California include pre-fabricated homes, factory-built homes, and system-built homes.

Some Important Things To Know About Modular Homes

A lot of people think that modular homes are all alike in terms of design. This is actually not true since they can be designed according to each owner’s preference. Builders can create a colonial style home or a Mediterranean, integrate stylish windows, or any other style that caters to every owner’s style.

To ensure top quality, home builders in Southern California create modular homes in carefully controlled climate environment. After preparing all the parts or sections, builders will then transport a modular home to the owner’s lot, where these are then assembled using giant cranes. When on-site, they can adjust the modular home’s position in lot. Perhaps an owner prefers his house facing a sweeping hillside view; or he changed his mind about positioning his house in the corner and instead wanted it at the center of the lot. This flexibility affords modular homes an advantage over a traditional fixed house which can never be moved to another spot.

Because of the popularity of modular homes in Southern California, more people are considering this convenient housing option. To further convince, here’s a list of advantages of owning modular homes.

  1. It is much cheaper than traditional onsite homes. Aside from the fact that it takes a shorter period to finish, modular homes are checked by third –party inspectors at all phases of the construction at the factory. So, long before the house is sent to the assembly site, the quality has already been assured. This means lesser chances for damage or unnecessary fixing.
  2. It takes a shorter period of time to finish compared to traditionally built houses. In fact, it can be completed in just a matter of weeks, instead of months with traditional homes. This is due to the fact that on-site delays are avoided such as weather disturbances. Home builders in Southern California also conform to specific rules and guidelines that govern the construction of modular homes.
  3. The reselling value of modular homes in Southern California competes with that of traditional onsite houses because it does not depreciate through the years
  4. You can also insure your modular home for the same value as an onsite home.
  5. There are so many designs available for modular homes. Do not think that you will be limiting yourself with panels nailed to one another. In fact, some of the best architects and home builders in Southern California specialize in modular homes.
  6. Modular homes are also environment-friendly as they are designed with high quality insulation and windows. You will also end up paying so much less for your utility bills.
  7. Modular homes in Southern California are growing in popularity because its pros outweigh the cons. Families wanting to own a house in the next future should definitely consider having a modular home. Aspen Custom Millworks is a trusted custom home builder in Southern California with a track record of delivering beautifully designed homes of utmost craftsmanship. Talk to our about your dream home. Together, let’s make this dream a reality.