Keep your prized belongings secure with your own storage on your property! Customize your storage areas to meet your specific needs for your collectibles and belongings. Aspen Custom Millworks provides optimized floor plans and construction for outdoor buildings, indoor storage facilities as well as basement storage.

Creating a storage space is not just about creating space to fit more items, it’s also about preserving the quality of the items you store, and the access to these items. Aspen Custom Millworks provides a custom floor plan to quickly access stored items. Our design for storage areas encapsulates your stored items in a protective shell to shield your items from outside elements like rain, wind, and ice. Custom storage building can also be installed with an effective fireproofing system that protects your belongings from fire damage.

Aspen Custom Millworks provides homeowners with the best and most efficient ways to use space for your storage area needs. Our proven process of custom building turns your ideas into reality. We’re 110% committed to providing top-notch craftsmanship quality for all of our customers. Talk to one of our experts today to learn more about creating the ultimate storage area for your home!

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